Our Mission

  • Mission

    Our mission is to develop cost-effective, scientifically tested safe herbal products which are most admired for our ethics, values and commitment to sustainability.


Acumen Lifesciences operates from a State of the Art manufacturing facility located in Andhra Pradesh, India to support its businesses and strategic alliances which follows Good Manufacturing Practices, adhering most stringent global regulatory standards of plant operations, quality measures and safety to ensure the purity of our products; defining the active ingredients matching our customer’s requirements and constantly upgrading with latest technological breakthroughs.
Extracts are concentrated at low temperatures, ensuring that the active ingredients retain their character and undesired artifacts are not formed. Different extraction processes are being carried out in batch and continuous extractors and drying of extracts are employed in spray, vacuum dryers under hygienic conditions providing both the manufacturer and the end user a clean extract with an almost intact bio-potency.
We have a dynamic Research and Development Department that is strategically segmented in to Applications Lab, Research Lab, Quality Control Lab and Microbial Testing Lab. Collectively, these facilities fully complement our zest to continually enhance existing products and introduce new ranges for our clients to avail.
Our manufacturing facilities have a capacity to produce over 3000 MT of standardized extracts the year around.


We have achieved a high level of customer appreciation and establishing long lasting relationships. We source our products from highly reliable sources and also provide goods that meet the requirements of our customers. Considerable research is carried out, both in the development of existing products as well as new products. We are blessed with a dedicated and highly skilled group of technicians who make use of the most advanced analytical equipment to ensure the authenticity of raw materials and their compliance for origin and quality High standards of quality control are an essential part of each stage of production, with samples assessed by odor and laboratory equipments like HPLC, GC, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer etc. and cross checked with reference samples. In addition, products are checked for confirmation with Acumen Lifesciences specifications and industry specifications.