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  • Mission

    Our mission is to develop cost-effective, scientifically tested safe herbal products which are most admired for our ethics, values and commitment to sustainability.

PRODUCT : Health Ingredients

Weight Management Antioxidants Diabetic Care
Coleus Curcumin 95% Salacia Reticulate Extract
Green Coffe Bean Extract India Gooseberry (Amla) Extract Fenugreek Extract
Red Beet Juice Powder Green Tea Extract 4- Hydroxy isoleucine
Cissus Extract - Ketosterones Holy Basil (Tulsi) Extract Bitter Guard Extract - Charatin
Kidney Bean Extarct Sesamin Complex > 90% Gymnema Extract - Gymnemic Acids
Commiphora Mukul- Guggulsterones    
Eye Health Bone Health  
Marigold Soft Extract Boswellic Acids  
Zeaxanthin Boswellic Acids - AKBA